Amalfi Coast apartments

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

Where is the house?

The address of Casa Rosalia is: via Provinciale, 13 – Erchie (Salerno).

Casa Argentina and Ciccio Cottage are both in via Oliveto – Erchie (Salerno).

Who will be receiving us?

Mr. Francesco Crescenzo, my local agent in Cetara, will be receiving you. He has his own Ce.Tour Agenzia in Piazza dei Martiri Ungheresi, 59, CETARA. You will have to get in touch directly with Francesco to plan the timing of your arrival. His e-mail address is:

You can also contact him at + 39 338 2358697 (mobile) or +39 089 261042 (office)

Prior your arrival, ask Francesco for a meeting point that is easy to locate in whichever village, Erchie or Cetara. He will take you to the rental property and give you a tutorial on how things work. He will ask for the balance due, if any, and for the refundable security deposit.

For whatever problems you may have or for advice don’t hesitate to ask for his assistance. Francesco will be eager to help you.

How to book the house?

First thing to do is to contact me at: For the purpose, you can use the Contact Form that you will find at the bottom of the   Contact Me  page

When terms and conditions are agreed I will ask you for a booking deposit (one third of the total rental rate). I will formally confirm your reservation when I receive the booking deposit on my account. Only at this point the house is to be considered 'booked'. No commitment is to be assumed on my part without my written booking confirmation.

What about payments?

I normally send a PayPal request for the payment of the BOOKING DEPOSIT and two weeks prior your arrival I send you a second PayPal request for the BALANCE payment.

If you do not want to use PayPal I will provide you with my IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for a Bank transfer. In any case, I will send you a PDF receipt of both the booking deposit and the balance. The latter is to be produced to Francesco as a voucher to proceed with the check-in.

What is check-in, check-out time?

Francesco will be available to hand in the apartment keys from 16:00 to 20:00 hour. Arrivals later than 20.00 must be reported to Francesco office (+39 089 261042) as soon as possible. Please, consider that late arrivals, later than 20.00, need to be confirmed by Francesco. Please, also note that, for arrivals after 23.00, an extra flat fee of 30 euro will be charged.

In some instances an earlier check-in to the apartments may be arranged. This can ONLY be confirmed by Francesco upon your arrival.

If you discover at check-in that an item in the inventory is damaged, you must report it immediately to Francesco otherwise the damage will be charged to you at check-out.

You are expected to leave the apartment between 09:00 and 10:00 hour. You should arrange with Francesco for the time when he can check the apartment conditions and to pay you back the security deposit. Regarding the check-out, if you have a later departure time of your plane, train etc. sometimes it is possible to leave your luggage in the property garage. However, please, be aware that this can be arranged only before your departure day. The apartment, unfortunately, must be always vacated before 10:00, due to upcoming arrivals.

What is included in the rental price?

The price includes electricity, gas, bed linens, bath towels and the final cleaning. Air conditioning and heating are not included in the price.

What is extra charge for heating?

The climate on the Amalfi coast is so mild that heating can be nedeed for only a few weeks during winter. If you decide to use the heating system you should ask Francesco to turn on the central heating.The extra charge for heating is 45 euro per week and should to be paid, on arrival, to Francesco.

What is the extra cost for Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is not normally needed on the coast: the sea breeze provides a pleasant temperature throughout the summer. In exceptional cases, however, air conditioning may be desirable. In this case you should ask Francesco for the fan remote controller. The extra charge is 45 euro per week and should to be paid, on arrival, to Francesco.

What about the security deposit?

Upon arrival, Francesco will ask you to pay a security deposit of 100 euro, payable in cash. The security deposit will be returned to you prior to your departure minus any extra charges or accidental damages to the property.

What about lodging taxes?

Recently, local authorities have introduced a lodging tax of 0,50 euro per adult person (more than 13 years old) per day. For instance, 4 adults that stay 7 nights pay a lodging tax of 14 euro. The lodging tax is only applicable from the 1st of June to to 30th of September. The total amount should be paid to Francesco when checking in.

Where to park the car?

If you are arriving by car this is an important aspect to consider when booking a vacation home on the Amalfi Coast. The houses on the coast are located above and below the road and because of the narrowness of the roads there is very little car parking available … and if you find any you will discover that they could cost up to 150 euro per week. Please take into account the cost of parking when considering to rent a house that does not have a private parking place.

Casa Rosalia has its own private closed garage attached to the house and its use is included in the house rental price.

Casa Argentina and Ciccio Cottage do not have a parking place but it is possible to use a private parking lot in the vicinity at a convenient rate

What is your rental policy?

My rental pattern is minimum 7 days stay with arrival and departure on Saturday.

Many ask the question if they can arrive or leave on days other than Saturday and/or if they can stay for less than seven days. The answer is yes, provided that the applied rate is appropriate to you.

This is my policy:

1. From the beginning of November to the end of March I am sometimes able to have you pay only for the number of nights that you sleep at the apartment. Also, for bookings made at the very last moment, less than a week in advance, I might be able to pro-day the price as well.

2. For the season that goes from the beginning of April to the end of October, with a very few exceptions, I am indeed able to arrange for you to arrive or depart the apartment on a day other than Saturday, as long as it is OK to you to pay for a rental that goes from Saturday to Saturday. Depending on the size of your party and the cost of an alternative accommodation, booking from Saturday to Saturday while arriving later or leaving earlier might indeed be an interesting possibility. Sometime a combination of apartment and hotel bookings might prove most effective and worth evaluating.

How far are the apartments from the bus stop? Where does it lead and how do we get the bus schedule?

The bus stop is some 300-400 meters from the apartments. The public SITA bus line runs back and forth from Salerno and Amalfi every half hour.

From Erchie you take the bus to go to Amalfi in one direction, and to Salerno in the other.

Bus thickets can be bought in Cetara and Maiori.

Where can we buy grocery?

For day-by-day needs Erchie grocery shop is good enough. For major grocery shopping you can go to Maiori or Cetara.

Cava de Tirreni is farther away but you have there more choices of local food like 'mozzarella di bufala'.

What is the cost of beach chairs and umbrellas? Is it mandatory to rent chairs and umbrellas at the beach?

On Erchie private beach, the rental cost of umbrella and beach chairs is 15 euro/day. To access the private beaches you need to rent at least 1 umbrella and 1 chair. Access to public beaches is free but in Erchie the public portion of the beach is small and in high season (July and August) it can be quite crowded

Is it possible from Erchie beach to go fishing or to do snorkeling? Is it possible to rent a boat?

Sure, you can rent a boat (with or without a captain) to go swimming and snorkelling on the nearby beaches or for excursions along the coast. At Erchie beach there are 3 boat rental services.

It is possible to do snorkeling directly from Erchie beach and you can also do some fishing from the shores.

I would suggest that you take advantage of the shuttle boat to the nearby more exclusive beaches, like Caugo Beach. The service is not expensive.

How far are the apartments from the beach?

Casa Rosalia is close to the beach. As matter of fact, it is almonst above it. You go down to the beach in just a few minutes by using a private stairway

Casa Argentina and Ciccio cottage are some 300 meters from the beach. It would take less than 10 minutes of easy walking to get to the beach.

Which restaurants would you recommend nearby?

In Erchie you should try La Cambusa restaurant and also two places where you can taste delicious snacks (Lido Sirena and Molo Bar). In Cetara, restaurants Acqua Pazza and S.Pietro are reccomended. At the Acqua pazza reservation is needed.

I'm arriving by car. How to get to Erchie?

Assuming that you are driving and arriving from North, in Napoli you take the ring to the South and enter the highway A3 Napoli-Pompei-Salerno. A few kilometres before arriving to Salerno exit the A3 at Vietri sul Mare.

Some hundred meters after the highway exit you will find a small parking place on the right. This is a good place where to stop and take a first glimpse of the sea and the coast. From here I suggest that you call Francesco ( +39 089 261042, or, mobile +39 338 2358697), my local agent who will be receiving you, to arrange for your arrival. If you arrive at Vietri too early and Francesco is not available yet you could take the opportunity to visit the town of Vietri which is famous for its many pottery ‘ceramiche’ shops.

From Vietri sul Mare take the Amalfi Coast road (SS163).The Amalfi Coast road is narrow and just a sequence of swift turns. Drive carefully and be aware of motorcyclists going your opposite direction ... they tend to cut the turns. The first town after Vietri, some 4 km away, is Cetara where Francesco, my local agent, has his office. If you have time, I suggest that you stop in Cetara and eat in one of the two excellent fish restaurants for which Cetara is famous. Erchie is some two kilometres in the direction of Amalfi just after Cetara.

I'm arriving by train at Salerno train station. How can I get to Erchie?

There are good connections from Salerno train station to Erchie. Buses leave every half hour in front of the train station. You should look for 'SITA' busses heading to 'AMALFI '. Erchie is along the way after half an hour drive. Tickets can be bought at the station news stand. While waiting for the bus I suggest that you call Francesco ( +39 089 261042, or, mobile +39 338 2358697 ) to arrange for your arrival. If you do not want to take the bus, you have the option either to take a taxi in front of the train station, or, to have Francesco pick you up in Salerno.

I'm landing at Napoli Capodichino Airport. what can I do to get to Erchie?

You have three options: (1) rent a car and follow the instructions above; (2) arrange for Francesco to pick you up at the airport; this would cost an extra charge; (3) take either a bus or the train to reach Salerno and from there take the bus to Erchie.