Amalfi Coast Holiday Homes by the sea

Casa Rosalia

Casa Rosalia

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 baths
  • Sleeps 4
Casa Argentina

Casa Argentina

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bath
  • Sleeps 2+2
Ciccio Cottage

Ciccio Cottage

  • 1 bedroom
  •   1 bath
  •   Sleeps 2

Amalfi Coast Vacation Homes

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BEST VACATION EVER  -   Guest Review written by on June 25, 2014
"Having spent seven days in Casa Rosalia gave us the best vacation ever. Splendid view to the Tirrenian sea on one side, and onto the village of Erchie and to the mountains on the other, really comfortable and clean apartment, ideal distance from Napoli, Pompei-Herculaneum, and the towns of the Amalfi coast. The only bad feeling was that we had to leave Erchie and Casa Rosalia behind, for sure, temporarily."
Rating:    5 / 5

60 guests have given a weighted average vote of 5 out 5

Welcome to Erchie, the Amalfi Coast hidden jewel

My properties are in a Erchie, a pretty, cozy village in the Amalfi coast. Erchie is set, as a hidden gem, in a secluded valley that opens onto the beach and a dreamy bay. The heart of the village is the main beach surrounded by rocky slopes covered with luxuriant vegetation dispersed with little houses.

Many exclusive beaches and coves where to bathe, dive or take the sun, are hidden along the coast and can be reached only by boat. With a few hundred inhabitants, mostly fishermen, Erchie is the ideal place for a romantic stay in an exclusive village with a very special charm.

Erchie is a place where you feel you have stepped back 100 years in time, where you walk three times slower and rush nowhere. Be prepared to embrace "il dolce far niente", the sweetness of doing nothing. Forget your projects and deadlines. And escape to Erchie.

Erchie is certainly a delightful place where to spend a peaceful vacation, but during your stay in Erchie you will have the opportunity to visit touristic and historical sites that are famous all over the world. Erchie is just a few kilometers from these places and is well positioned in the middle between touristic and historical sites. The list of places that you should consider visiting while you are staying in Erchie includes Pompeii, Paestum, the Vesuvio Vulcan, Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Ravello and so on ...

  Actor Kevin Costner filming a commercial spot in Erchie   See YouTube Video
  Erchie bay is among the 15 most beautiful beaches in Italy according 2016 ranking

The coast line around Amalfi is quite simply breathtaking.

"The coast line around Amalfi is quite simply breathtaking. Cliffs plunge steeply into the azure sea with picturesque villages perched on their rocky sides, some of which until recently, were only accessible by boat. The views out across the Mediterranean sea are stunning and this piece of coastline can quite rightly justify its claim to be one of the most scenic stretches in the world"

   - From National Geographic

The Amalfi Coast, la Costiera Amalfitana, is a beautiful 50 kilometres stretch of mountainous coastline situated on the peninsula between Sorrento and Salerno, just south of Naples.

The Amalfi coast is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This coastline is dotted with small picturesque villages and towns stacked precariously on steep, pale rocky cliffs plunging sheer into the Mediterranean Sea. The famous islands of Capri and Ischia are nearby, both of stunning natural beauty. The Amalfi Coast has been one of Italy's major tourist attractions for decades. It is regarded by many as world's most beautiful stretch of coast. Today tourism is the main industry, and the area has numerous luxury hotels and a wide selection of restaurants, bars, craft shops, boutiques, boat trips, and more. For those who like to drive, one of the highlights of a trip to this area is the romantic coastal road itself. The narrow serpentine road clings to the coastal cliffs, soaring and plunging and winding around the towering cliffs that fall sheer into the sea. By car or bus, this road offers some dramatic and breathtaking scenery.

The day of Judgement, for those amalfitans that go to heaven, will be a day like any other

John Steinbeck: "A road high, high above the blue sea, that hooked and corkscrewed on the edge of nothing ... in the back seat of the car my wife and I clutched in each other's arms, weeping hysterically".

Johann Wolfgang Goethe: "Knowst thou the land where the lemon-trees bloom? It is there I would be gone, to be with you"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: "Sweet the memory is to me of a land beyond the sea, where the waves and mountains meet"

Salvatore Quasimodo: "This is the garden we look for after the perfect days of our childhood"

Dino Buzzati: "Greenish dramatic seabeds, caverns and cliffs, sour and sweet at the same time, good for love dizziness"

Renato Fucini: "The day of Judgement, for those amalfitans that go to heaven, will be a day like any other"

Gore Vidal: "Fifty-one years ago, just out of the army, I was looking for a place to write until at least the end of the century. I came to Ravello on a bright, cold day in March where I stood on a limestone cliff overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, Paestum opposite me, and I thought, and think, this is the most beautiful spot on Earth and so, in due course, I made it my own, and so it will remain until the next lucky visitor takes my place among the cypresses, the lemons, the vineyards of Magna Graecia where the sea-sky are so intensely blue that you cannot tell where one begins and the other leaves off."

Hanna Maria Laakso: "I decided to live on the Amalfi Coast because it inspires me: I have lived in big cities in my life and I don't want that anymore. I love the local people here, their friendliness, their smile, I feel they are warm-hearted and authentic people. The sea and the mountains give me life energy, in yoga terms, prana. When I see something as spectacular as this each day my mind feels just so good."